Link Magazine

Ten times a year the Benefice Churches of Woolavington, Cossington and Bawdrip produce a parish magazine called ‘The Link’. This costs £3.00 for the year and is packed full of useful articles, information about Church services and fund-raising events.

Why not give it a try ? – See if you enjoy reading it.

Please contact one of the following people: Woolavington: Shirley Moore  683955, Jane White  683743, Bawdrip: Jane Peel 684222, Cossington: Ruth Gane 722660 

Reports from local clubs and societies, and reports from Parish Council meetings and Neighbourhood Watch meetings are also included.

The advertisements for local businesses and traders are a useful source of information.

If you wish to promote your organisation (it must be non-political), please contact:

Mary Clements (01278 683099) Woolavington Church Editor email:

Richard Lee (01278 723159) Cossington Church Editor email

Jane Peel (01278 684222) Bawdrip Church Editor email

 If you wish to place a commercial advert please contact :

Kath Rutter (01278 686919)  Link Advertising Manager email