For any booking enquiries please contact:

Jenny Stromberg 01278-684742 or

 or  Lynn Brum 01278-684783

 Rental cost £6 an hour (£5 for village or charitable events)

Full fibre broadband is now available (The password is ParishHall1925).

The newly installed projector is there for all, please ask if you wish to be shown where the connections are.

 If neither are available then do contact either of the churchwardens:

 Mike Murkin 01278-686278 or Simon Peel 01278-684222


Bawdrip Parish Hall was built in memory of victims of the Great War and has been given a welcome makeover. The Hall was re-built at its present site in the 1920s as a tribute to all those who died in the war and has been in constant use ever since.

 The hall was built during the inter-war period on land given to commemorate the Great War. It is of wooden and metal construction and has a small stage and kitchen area. The size of the hall (it is licensed for 75 people) means that it has an intimate feel to it and a group of just 30 can fill it. It has been refurbished recently.  We use it for our events and there are a number of external groups that are also using it on a regular basis.

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