April Parish Council Notes

Notes on the April meeting

Somerset Climate Emergency Community Fund

The grant applications were unsuccessful

so the purchase of a Speed Indicating Device to be deployed on the A39 would now proceed and Somerset County Council would instal a post for it to be mounted on.

The provision of handrail on the steps leading north from the railway embankment would also proceed

Other elements included in the applications and general maintenance responsibilities would be discussed at a future meeting to decide on a suitable way forward. 

Maintenance of Council Land Quotes to undertake a first tidy up on the former railway embankment and Shaws Orchard are being sought. Children  have been reported playing on the railway embankment. This is likely to continue and we will now consider the provision of fencing and signage. The extent of ongoing maintenance will take into account the advice contained in the report by Dr Chris Smith.

Other volunteers will be recruited who will be encouraged to form an action plan and recommendation regarding the issues raised and ongoing maintenance.

Local Government Reform in Somerset.

Two options were under consideration to replace the existing County and four District Councils. A single unitary authority (favoured by SCC and known as One Somerset) or two unitary authorities (preferred by the District Councils known as Stronger Somerset). 

After a discussion there was agreement that the Parish Council supported the Stronger Somerset proposal and would respond to the consultation accordingly. Residents were encouraged to make their views known though the consultation process.

Roads and Footpaths

Village Green – Grass Cutting.

The Chairman reported that Mr Crane who had cut the grass for many years was now unable to continue and that Mr Houselander had volunteered to take on the role.  Thanks were expressed to Mr Crane for his service over many years and to Mr Houselander for offering to mow the area.

Bus Shelter – Bath Road/Bradney Lane

The Chairman mentioned that following a comment about the cleanliness of the bus shelter, a couple of public-spirited residents (who wished to remain anonymous) had given the structure a wash-down.

Annual Village Tidy-up.

There was agreement that the event would be held on Saturday, 24th April. The Chairman would approach the Environment Agency to see if they, as on previous occasions, would be able to provide assistance.  The Clerk agreed to contact SDC to ask if the usual equipment could be provided. Social distancing would be observed.  

Date of next Meeting

Tuesday, 4th May 2021 at 7.30 pm.

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